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PTS is one of the Regional Leaders in supplying Rapid Deployment Vehicles Known As RDV’s and Cell on Wheels Known As COW’s.

PTS can design, Manufacture & supply fully Equipped COW’s & RDV’s with Furnished Shelter,  guyed Tower and related systems (Genset, Diesel Tank, Cable Drums). Our  tower is guyed to the vehicle structure and does not require any external structure on field.

All towers are designed in a safe manner with a safety factor of 1.5 and fitted with independent winches  for tilting and erection with protection against over tilting/erection.

Our Wide range of selection covers various scale of towers from 10m up to 50m height with a Survival  wind velocity up to 180km/h with head load capacity of 6 GSM Antennas and 2 microwave dishes.

COW’s and RDV’s are specially designed for easy deployment as each unit could be deployed in max 3 hours considering 3 operators.

PTS has supplied hundreds of COW’s and RDV’s in the gulf region.